Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holiday Photos

I have been away. So while there has been a lack of photos there will be more now. I went to Hyams Beach down south right near Jervis Bay where they have the whitest sand i Australia. I have a lot of photos that I am very proud of. There is a lot of the beach but they're not all the same. Anyone who needed beach photos can use these so long as they credit the photo to the blog. Ta.

 Undisturbed sand...until I came and stepped on it that is

My darling dog (leo) on the beach. He doesn't want to get his little paws wet, an absolute inside dog.

This is 100% real. That's what the sand looked like on a nice morning when there wasn't a certain puppy trampling all over it.

The rock pool at low tide. It's amazing how much it filled up at high tide.

Foot prints from yours truly

That water was about -5 degrees. Don't let the appealing look of the water lure you in as it did to me. This is south coast of NSW in the middle of winter people. Do not be fooled.

The zoom was so close on the ant you can see the individual grains of sand. I love this one and am very proud of it. We had to fish that poor little ant out of the water a couple of times before we took the photo.

Taken standing in the -5 degree water. Very chilly but totally worth the photo.

My good friend Elly who was on holiday with me took this without me knowing at the time. There are others but this is the only one I could find without me resembling a chicken.

A wave right before it broke on the shore. It's pretty amazing.

The rock pool at high tide. The water looked so clear and inviting. Brrr. Oh how wrong we were.

Australia's winter sun.

Waves drawing the water out of the rock pool. And we were having such fun.

Sunbathing. Not that the sun was that warm. But still. It was nice to dry out on a rock.

One of the less pleasant days at the beach. Oh hey there's a freight ship! How did that get in there?

The beach was absolutely amazing at night. There was a full moon. Photographer's heaven!!!


Lovely lake in a national park 15 mins drive from Hyams beach.

The water was oh-so still. Be warned. There are red belly black snakes in that water grass.

Ah! Snake! Sorry my bad. It's a log. Silly me.

Very, very still until my cousins decided to throw rocks into the lake. Gee thanks for that.

Squiggly gums or is it scribbly gums. Whatever. The amount of squiggles on these two trees was absolutely insane. So I took a photo.

That's all for now.


Oh by the way. Click on them. They'll go much bigger.

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