Saturday, June 30, 2012

(Untitled) I need a post with Untitled as a title.

I'll happily do commissions and take suggestions if you need a photo for something. I can't do everything but I can do my best so if you want a particular photo of something then I'll try to do it.

Claudia Random thought: Thanks for all the fish!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


ok guys I need my Doctor Who moment here. I'm all over emotional and crap from T.O.M. and I'm watching (and listening) all the sad moment and sobbing all of my fluids into a tissue. Uncool I know but I want David Tennant back! It's not fair that he had to go and regenerate because he never said 'I love you' to Rose and there was so much unfinished business it was absolutely tragic and I have to go before I cry on my keyboard.

Sorry guys I just had to let that out. It gets worse with time.

xoxo Claudia

ILY Come back!!!!


Ok. I'm getting this blog on Facebook. Woo! Not like anyone will see.


I'm feeling all sentimental and other kinds of crap along with bored. And there's nothing like boredom as we all know so I'm going to post on Facebook and Blogger like my life depends on it. Okie dokie. Cool.


See none of that makes sense. Proof I'm crazy and have been sitting in front of the heater too long. Besides what does this have to do with photography anyway? Ok fine I'll post a photo. You people happy now?

Geez I know it's not a photo but it's a picture. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stills from a Film

So I have to make an appropriation of Hitchcock for my English assignment. Joy. But we got some really good film and a couple of great stills. Like:

I'm supposed to be dead. Lovely. 
There's an orange filter, the colour orange was a bad omen.

Plain Fun...Wait there's no such thing as plain when it comes to fun

Sure it's not proper photography nor is it mine but it's good fun. I want a email of complaint if you don't laugh

Photoshopped by moi. I am 'Quinn' by best friend is 'Rachel'. Some people take a while to notice that it's me not Quinn. Crazy people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Post Failure

Sorry. I haven't had much time to post. But don't worry. I've been taking lots of photos (I never stop). Capturing the world is harder than it looks especially if it doesn't want it's photo taken. I guess Mother Nature is camera shy, who knew? But she has the best to offer. So I took as many photos of the autumn as I could before all the leaves fell off for winter :( I have I couple of photos from the summer but people get camera shy too :O. Me included. I mean there are those people who will pose until they physically can't anymore and then there are people who can't pose to save their life if another person is in the room. But taking photos when someone doesn't expect it is more beautiful than any photo that has been posed for. It's authentic and original. That's why all the photos I have of my sister are nice because even though she's grumpy she's genuinely grumpy and it's not posed. Same for the ones where she's laughing. She might look like a crazy person (don't we all?) but she's properly laughing. I'm pretty sure that you'd look more strange if you tried to control your face while you laugh anyways. And nobody's hiding anything when they laugh. Same with when you're vomiting (you're hiding absolutely nothing). People can't control themselves in those types of situations so they're themselves and that's when you get snap happy. Now I am going to bombard you with photos (sorry) until you never want to come here again but they're all photos that mean something and I can give you the story behind each one.

Cousins on the trampoline. They had no idea the photo was being taken. There's a blue colour filter
My sister did NOT want her photo taken. She made it very clear when I told her I was putting it up that her opinion must be heard.

Now I would've had a wonderful photo of the beach but no. This couple had to decide to step in frame and be all lovey dovey. Blegh. Good thing I didn't take the photo a few seconds later when they kissed. That just would've made the shot totally useless.

It was a rainy day and I was still in my pyjamas at noon (as you do on a saturday). In Sydney we've been having really wet weather so I thought 'I'll put my boots on (bear in mind the pyjamas) and go out and take some photos of the rain'. It turned out really well. I was just as wet as the leaf.

Waking up at 6:30 on a school day does have it's advantages. 

So long as your camera is conveniently on the dining table.

How to tell you're blond, if this is your hair on the fluro yellow filter.

Boredom in drama class + camera = this photo

Don't know what I was thinking when I took this one. It might have been 'oh what a lovely cloud'.